This format is used to encourage continued interest in the classes and therefore increase attendance. The purpose is also to make these classes practical / fun for those who do not necessarily need these skills for the workplace.

In these classes the participants are taught the basics in each session. To accomplish this I have the participants do a variety of projects as they learn the basics. A different project is emphasized in any given 2 hour session. Participants must come to several classes to complete all the projects offered.

Within a course take the A project first, then you can go out of order in that course.


WORD PROJECTS Class Schedule code letters

( Ex. Word-A or Word-B indicates what project is to be taught that day )

  1. Copy / Cut / Paste from the Internet, Job Forms or other documents / Keyboard shortcuts
  2. Word Art / Using Images from Cameras & from the Internet / embedding sounds
  3. Making / Merging mailing labels
  4. Word Wrapping around images / Drawing Tools / Web Page Creation
  5. Greeting cards / Tables for personal address book / Columns
  6. Removing private information in documents before emailing them, Using Find / Replace ( including editing emails received before forwarding them ); Making Forms; paragraph formatting; fonts


EXCEL PROJECTS - Class Schedule code letters

( Ex. Excel-A or Excel-B indicates what project is to be taught that day )

  1. Editing Cells / keyboard shortcuts / moving around cells / formulas; cell formatting
  2. Sorting; searching; printing; freezing panes; password protecting sheets
  3. Card Game Club scores / adding / totals; Charts
  4. Family budget
  5. Creating a personal checkbook; Statement Reconciliation
  6. Averaging student grades /averaging any numbers

  7. Mortgage curtailment / Amortization schedules / Car Loans
    Investment results


POWERPOINT PROJECTS - Class Schedule code letters

( Ex. PP-A or PP-B indicates what project is to be taught that day )

  1. Basic slide show development
  2. Slide show animations