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Ask about our streaming audio setup. Here is a Sample.

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Prices Listed Below *

Preliminary Setup Fees, Etc. (Sales Tax Extra)


Initial Setup $279.00 ( includes 1st   page )
Consultation ( 1 hr. minimum ) $69.00 / Hr.
Per Each Additional New Web Page Price $69.00 / page
Revisions to existing pages $69.00/hr. - 1 hour minimum

Price includes the following : text ( from your electronic file - ex., from a Word document ), including links ( 100 words/page max. ), design features (ex. buttons, backgrounds, limited gif animations, etc.), photos, links to your pages on your site, links from your page to other sites.

Combined graphic image total per page allowed is 300 Kilobytes but no more than 4 images. Time charges apply if limits are exceeded at the rate of $89.00 per hour if not a revision to an existing page ( one hour minimum ). I do not use Macromedia Flash designs.

Typing charges from your hard copy ( paper ) document are $9.00 per page.

For a 1 time fee of $69.00 I would provide the means that would allow this site to be found by a search in one major search engine.

*Prices and services offered subject to change without notice. Domain name registration and web hosting provider services are extra.