Email Rules

Subject : Your unacceptable email to us

This is an Auto-response to an unacceptable email sent by you to D. Smith at :

The email you sent is filtered out and rejected because the original email did not originate from you, the sender, and because the above recipient was listed in a publicly viewable bulk email address list. Do Not Forward emails to the above recipient or include the above recipient in a Viewable bulk ( mass ) email address list. Make sure you are the originator of any emails sent. Forwarded emails are unacceptable. Reason for this : issues with viruses, hackers, security, courtesy and privacy. Use of your BCC ( Blind Carbon Copy ) email feature would hide the above recipient's email address from view of other recipients of the same original email sent by you. The above recipient welcomes emails from you only if you abide by the above. Thank you for understanding.      :)

Auto-response mailer system