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Dr. David Smith, Instructor

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"Real expository preaching takes place, when the preacher with unction
and power, clearly explains the meaning of the passage of Scripture dealt
with and effectually presses its truths upon the needs of his audience. It
embraces appeal to the emotions and the will." ( Merrill Unger )

Answers to OT Survey Class Questions


Below are downloadable files

Items marked with the red star indicate class lecture material you will recieve and
from which you may be tested

Syllabus ( MS Word file )

Very Brief Survey ( MS Word file )

Survey Outline - Part 1 ( Requires Powerpoint )
( Genesis - Numbers )

Survey Outline - Part 2 ( MS Word file )
( Leviticus - Esther )

Detailed Notes ( MS Word file )
( Genesis - Esther ) ( 45 pages )

Summary : 1 Samuel to Esther

Words of Redemption in the NT
( Compare with "goel" - Hb., kinsman-redeemer, in Ruth )

Psalms in 1 & 2 Samuel

Judah's Captivity

Chart : Jewish Exiles Return ( MS Word file )

Exam Sample ( MS Word file )

Survey Chart

Survey Chart - #2

Israel's Calendar ( MS Word file )

The Passover - Blood Everywhere ( MS Word file )

Feasts and Offerings Chart ( MS Word file )

Some Names of God - Requires Powerpoint

Abrahamic Covenant ( MS Word file )

Abrahamic Covenant : Eternal, Unconditional, Literal, Unilateral
Mosaic Covenant : Temporal, Conditional, Literal, Bi-lateral

Chart of Abrahamic Covenant

Flood Times

Bible Atlas - Requires Powerpoint

Treaties in Old Testament Times

Messianic Prophesies

More Messianic Prophesies


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Exodus Route

Middle East

Israel's Size

Old City of David

35 + Immediate Blessings of Salvation