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Moore's Law

The 25 Worst Computer Tech Products of All Time

Computer Purchasing Cautions

Consumer Reports - 6/2008 - Best Tech Support

Consumer Reports - 6/2008 - Best Repair History

Consumer Reports - 6/2006 - Best Tech Support

Consumer Reports - 11/2006

Dell Service Quality Plummets

More Dell Woes 12/2005

PC Magazine - 9/2007 - Best Tech Support

    Computer Costs Comparisons

Should I upgrade my system?

Explanation of Both Basic Computer Classes

Computer Basics

Fun Jeopardy computer skills game

Some Basic Computer Terms

Troubleshooting Helps

Convert a Decimal number to Binary number

Computer Care

16 Bit Errors

Maintenance Tips

Hard Drive Data Eraser

Windows Vista in Trouble

Windows Vista in Trouble - Part 2

Windows Vista in Trouble - Part 3

Windows Vista in Trouble - Part 4

Remove Annoying UAC Warning Pop-up in Windows Vista

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Cautions

More Windows XP Service Pack 2 Cautions

Storage Capacities

USB 2.0 Flash Drive Alliance : PNY; Lexar; Samsung; Kingston

External Hard Drive for Backups / Cloning

Acronis Cloning Help

More on Acronis Cloning

Formatting the Hard Drive

AMD Beats Intel Again - 6/2005

Windows File Management

Some other helpful tips on file management

File Extensions

Free Easy Multiple File Renaming Program

Backing Up media comparisons

    How to do a back up using a CD Burner

Virus and Spyware Protection

Symptoms of a Virus

Symptoms of Spyware

Router Firewall Info

Computer User Ergonomics

Free Software

Free Excellent Image Viewer ( 2/2006 - v.398 )

    Dazzle Screen Saver

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Dave's Mouse Helps



Red Bugs Mouse Fun

Mouse Exercise - Fireworks

PANORAMA Mouse Practice




Improve Your Keyboarding Skills

Keyboard Tricks

More Keyboard Shortcuts