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    Free PowerPoint Slides Viewer Program

Free Excellent Image / Photo Editor Program

Rename digital photos - Look Here

Great Free WAV to WMA audio compression program Here

FREE Audio Editor program Here

Required Encoder for the Audio Editor program Here

FREE WAV to MP3 Audio compression program Here
File Originally Obtained Here ( Good for Windows 7 also )

Convert Movie files to almost all movie files
( Good for Windows 7 also )


    Anne's Theme ( WAV Audio )

    Dave at the Piano - WMA audio

    Moon River - WMA Audio

    Proud to Be An American - WMA Audio

Black out the screen (use 'B' on the keyboard) after the point has been made, to put the focus on you. Press the key again to continue your presentation.

White/Unwhite Screen W

For Automatic Animation Choices :
Format / Slide Design / Animation Schemes

Hit the Pause or S key to pause the slide show with auto slide transition

Maximize Application Window - ALT+F10
Resize to Smaller Application Window - ALT+F5

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