Best method - Clone a spare Hard Drive
using Acronis True Image Version 10.0 for Home.
Get the 3 items below ( the 3 cable sets come as a kit )
For about 30.00 you can buy a protective case for the hard drive.

Get the IDE cable kit pictured below ( Model BT-200 )

For SATA : ( BT-300 )

This is the hard drive for a desktop ( with the cover removed ! )


Below is an external USB 2.0 Western Digital 320 GB 8 MB Cache
7200 RPM HDD for Personal Data Backups only - Not meant for cloning since this is a sealed case.
For cloning, the Hard Drive
itself must be able to be installed in the Computer case.


Laptop Size Hard Drive case ( Specs below )


Bytecc Aluminum 2.5" USB 2.0 HotDrive
External Enclosure for IDE, HD-201

Support for HDD up to 80GB - Great for cloning Notebook hard drives