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I Love to Love You

Kim Bollinger

O the beauty of your holy place
Your presence I love to embrace
As I sit and behold your loveliness
What a privilige to come and rest

I love to love you, O Lord my God
(3 times)

When I come to seek your face
I find mercy and grace

Where else can I go, You are my source
I come to You, O marvelous Lord
And I thank You for the blood that set me free
For the blood that rent the veil for me


A Priest's Offering

Kim Bollinger

I offer you my praise O Lord
I offer my prayers too
I offer intercession O God / Lord
As a priest loyal before You

The way to your presence is no longer closed
The veil rent by the blood of the Lamb
Let me behold Your glory O Lord
And carry it out through the land