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Never Give Up - Josh Bates

Time after time youíve been left behind
like the sun when itís starting to rain
Time after time youíve been forgotten
like a picture thatís faded with age
Time after time you ran after me
when I was still running away

You never give up on me
No, You never give up on me
Though Iím weak you are strong
You told me I still belong
No, you never, never give up on me

Time after time Iíve used your grace
as a way to do what I please
Iíve taken for granted prayers that you answered
never been all I could be
You are holding out your hands
and now I clearly see

You always erase all my mistakes
You lift me up when I'm down
Through all the ages, Your love never changes
You welcome me just as I am

Never give up, never give up on me...