Provided by Scriptco Computer Solutions

PC Maintenance Tips

1. Run Scandisk ( Win 9x ); if you suspect hard drive problems : chkdsk /f/r ( W2K, XP )
2. Run Defrag ( Win ME and Older )
3. Delete temporary files & temporary internet files, Delete Cookies & Internet History
4. Remove Programs in the Startup group
5. SFC /scannow - do at command prompt in W2K & XP -scans system files & replaces incorrect versions w/correct ones
6. Ck. HDD space availability
7. More tips here :
8. Windows ME and older - reboot computer daily if used daily. Newer : do monthly
9. Make sure all cables are plugged in snug on both ends.
10. Check the Power Supply fan for air flow.
11. Make sure your Norton Antivirus Update Files are no more than a week old
12. Use a 1000 Joules Surge Protector ( Belkin brand is good )
13. Remove floppy disk from computer before re-booting.
14. Do daily / weekly backups
15. Keep the original Windows Operating System CD handy
16. Weekly get the latest critical updates from Microsoft Windows Update web site
17. Do a manual virus scan for all email attachments you receive
18. Keep your system secure. See and
19. Remove unused programs
20. Remove from startup seldom unused programs in the system tray

a.) Remove unwanted startup programs :
Registry : Local Machine/software/microsoft/windows/
b.) Remove programs from the Startup folder

21. Keep the home room temperature 78 degrees or below ( but above 50 degrees !! )
22. Run Anti-spyware by Lavasoft
23. Use F8 at Boot for Safe Mode if suspect drivers, etc.