Using Word Art in Publisher 2003
( For Border Art see this topic Below this one )

Here's how to create the above Word Art text :

  1. Open Word Art using the tool on the left toolbar
  2. Choose the icon sample in the top row, 5th from the left, Click OK
  3. Type Welcome
  4. Choose Edwardian font style ( or some other similar cursive style font )
  5. Choose 48 font size
  6. Click OK
  7. Re-size Welcome
  8. Now Right Click on the word Welcome and choose Format Word Art
  9. Choose the Color and Lines tab
  10. For Fill color choose Fill Effects
  11. Click the Pattern tab
  12. Choose a red foreground and choose the dark upward diagonal pattern in row 4 and click OK
  13. Next choose a dark blue / royal blue line color and 2.25 pt weight on the Color and Lines tab and click OK
  14. Now click the Shadow Style icon in one of the top toolbars ( a green square )
  15. Choose shadow style #14
  16. Choose the Word Art shape tool in the mini Word Art toolbar, then choose Inflate Bottom

  17. ( To get this toolbar just double click on Welcome, then click OK on the Edit window and it will pop up! )
  18. Re-size Welcome


Using Border Art in Publisher 2003
( For special tips using Text Boxes
go to the topic Below this one )

  1. Choose the Rectangle tool on the left toolbar
  2. Draw your rectangle in the document
  3. In the Menu Bar choose Format, then choose Autoshape
  4. Click the Border Art button and choose your border


Special Tips Using Text Boxes

To make a Text Box border and background
blend in with the existing background around it :

  1. Click on the border of the text box you created
  2. Click the Line Style tool and Choose More Lines
  3. Choose NO Line for line color, Click OK
  4. Next Choose the Fill Color tool and choose NO Fill, Click OK