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Basic Information about protecting your system when on the Internet

Security Maintenance

Protecting Your Passwords

Password Management

Password protect your folders / files - download the Free program Here

Look Here for Information on Secure Internet Purchases

Look Here as an example to check security on a camera purchase

Look Here as another example to check security on a camera purchase

Is your IP Address ( An IP Address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. ) being tracked? Look Here

Use Whois for information about a web site

About Email Spam
Look Here

Stop Annoying Pop-Ups When Browsing

Free Pop-Up Stopper Here

About Firewall Issues

Look Here if Norton Internet Security 2005 keeps you off the Internet


Look Here : Firewall Leak Test

Look Here : Firewall Leak Test - Part 2

Do make sure your Free Zonealarm firewall is running. Main Page

Zonealarm Program download page

How to use Zonealarm

More Help with Zonealarm


About Anti-Virus Issues

Antivirus Ratings

If you are using the Free products : Use 1 of these products .

Avast Free Virus Protection - great for removing trojans / spyware that hijack your browser default home page setup ( about.blank trojan-spyware issue )
You Must do the Free registration to prevent its expiration. Click Here.

More Help Here to Remove Trojans


Free AVG Anti-virus Program Main Page:

AVG Program download page Here
NOTE : Be sure to install the Roxio patch so you can do the protection updates
The patch link is in the setup program as you do the initial setup

AVG Manual Update Files ( Use only when the automatic install site is too busy ) Get it Here

How to do manual updates

AVG special virus removal tools Here


Remove Norton AV

Remove Norton AV ( Easy Method ) go Here

Also, for free Scan & Removal Tools see :
1. Do the "Check for Security Risks"

About Spyware Issues

Use at least 2 of these free products - 1 is not enough. This is true for any anti-spyware programs. What one may miss, the other will probably catch. Update and run weekly.

Do get Free Ad Aware - Main Page :

Lavasoft Program download page

Lavasoft Current Definition/Detection Updates

AVG excellent Free spyware eliminator and Detection Updates HERE for Program download page

Remove about:blank browser hijacker

Do get Pest Patrol :

$20.00 top of the line excellent spyware protection

Get the best Spyware Ratings

Other Items of Importance

Do the Windows Update regularly - go to Start / Windows Update
Do all the critical updates in Windows Update including service packs

Be sure to delete your Temp folder files, Temporary Internet files & cookies. Open Internet Explorer to do this, Tools / Internet Options

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Types of threats


Programs that secretly gather personal information through the Internet and relay it back to another computer, generally for advertising purposes. This is often accomplished by tracking information related to Internet browser usage or habits.

Adware can be downloaded from Web sites (typically in shareware or freeware), email messages, and instant messengers. A user may unknowingly trigger adware by accepting an End User License Agreement from a software program linked to the adware.


Programs that use a system, without your permission or knowledge, to dial out through the Internet to a 900 number or FTP site, typically to accrue charges.

Hack Tools

Tools used by a hacker to gain unauthorized access to your computer. One example of a hack tool is a keystroke logger -- a program that tracks and records individual keystrokes and can send this information back to the hacker.


Usually an email that gets mailed in chain letter fashion describing some devastating, highly unlikely type of virus. Hoaxes are detectable as having no file attachment, no reference to a third party who can validate the claim, and by the general tone of the message. Hoaxbusters
Urban Legends
Symantec Hoax Info

Joke Programs

Programs that change or interrupt the normal behavior of your computer, creating a general distraction or nuisance. Harmless programs that cause various benign activities to display on your computer (for example, an unexpected screen saver).

Remote Access

Programs that allow another computer to gain information or to attack or alter your computer, usually over the Internet. Remote access programs detected in virus scans may be recognizable commercial software, which are brought to the user's attention during the scan.


Stand-alone programs that can secretly monitor system activity. These may detect passwords or other confidential information and transmit them to another computer.

Spyware can be downloaded from Web sites (typically in shareware or freeware), email messages, and instant messengers. A user may unknowingly trigger spyware by accepting an End User License Agreement from a software program linked to the spyware.

Trojan Horse

A program that neither replicates nor copies itself, but causes damage or compromises the security of the computer. Typically, an individual emails a Trojan Horse to you-it does not email itself-and it may arrive in the form of a joke program or software of some sort.


A program or code that replicates; that is, infects another program, boot sector, partition sector, or document that supports macros, by inserting itself or attaching itself to that medium. Most viruses only replicate, though, many do a large amount of damage as well.

Note : These are file extensions most likely to carry a virus :
.com, .exe, .bat, .cmd, .vb, .vba, .vbe, .vbs, .sys, .ws, .wsc, .wsf, .js, .scr, .pif, .doc, .xls


A program that makes copies of itself; for example, from one disk drive to another, or by copying itself using email or another transport mechanism. The worm may do damage and compromise the security of the computer. It may arrive in the form of a joke program or software of some sort.

What about Cookies?

By D Smith