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      The Bible Theology Program

      Bible Studies I Teach at the Bible College
      My Notes on Some Books of the Bible
         Ephesians 4-6; 1 Thess.; 1 Peter; 1 John-Intro.
      On the Language of the New Testament
      Bible Translations : Dynamic Equivalence Vs. Formal Equivalence
      On the Conditional sentences of the Greek New Testament
      On the Tenses of the Greek New Testament
      On Relevant Answers to Tough Bible Questions
      On the Correct Gospel Meaning - 1 Cor. 15:1-4
      On Honesty in Communication
      On Marriage : Leave-Cleave
      On Marriage : A Suitable Companion - Gen. 2:18
      On Pre-Marriage Considerations
      On the Engagement Ring
      On John 3:5, the Meaning of Water
      One Another - Guidelines for a Successful Marriage
      On marriage of a believer sanctifying an unbleiever
      On Morality in Dating
      On New Testament Giving
      On Heaven After a Believer's Death
      On Heaven
      On Onan Spilling His Semen
      On the Unpardonable Sin
      On the Gates of Hell - Mt. 16:18
      On Salvation in the Old Testament
      On Salvation : New Birth : Does it precede faith?
      On Salvation : God is not willing any should perish
      On Old Testament Sacrifices and the New Testament
      Old Testament Historical Books
      On the Old Testament Prophetic Books
      Names of God in Ps. 23
      Names of God in the Bible
      Can a Person See God ?
      On the Origin of Evil
      On the Origin of Evil - Part 2
      On Dispensationalism vs. Covenant Theology
      On Palm Sunday on Monday
      On Hope in Troubled Times
      On "Knowing God Better"
      On "Knowing God Better" - His Names
      On the Resurrection of Christ Prophesied in the OT
      On "Christ Emptied Himself"
      On an Infant's Salvation
      On Hell - Also, Where Did Christ' Spirit Go While His Body Was in the Grave for 3 Days
      On the Antichrist in Daniel 11
      On the Book of Life
      On John 15:6
      On the Meaning of "Baptism for the Dead" in 1 Cor. 15
      On Jude 9 / Assumption of Moses apocryphal book
      On the Sovereignty of God
      On the Sovereignty of God-Part 2
      On Speaking in Tongues
      On Speaking in Tongues - II
      On Speaking in Tongues - III (6 min. audio by MacArthur)
      Filling of the Spirit / Praying
      On Suffering and Healing
      On Principles of Bible Interpretation
      On Shepherding
      On Pastors and Teachers - Eph. 4:11
      On the Will of God
      On Peace
      On Trusting God
      On Daniel's Prophecy
      On the Return of Christ
      On the Book of Revelation - 55 Min. Audio ( Ed Hindson )
      On Charting the Return of Christ
      On Rev. 5:9
      On Resurrection Sunday
      On the Meaning of Spirit Baptism
      On the Meaning of Water Baptism
      On Questions to Ask Before Baptizing a Child
      On Discipleship
      On God's Love
      On Meaningful Worship
      On Archaeology
      On Catholicism
      On Qumran

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